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My art is not the best but I'm sure that if you look around you might see something that intresting or that you may like :) I love to make friends and I hold them dear to my heart and I just want to thank you for look at my art ;)


:iconcreepyponies-adopt: :iconrpgroupofawesome:


Jeff the penguin by xXprincess-elegyXx
Jeff the penguin
My dad bought a car wheel case thingie and it reminds me of Jeff the killer
there are no red haired Juliet by xXprincess-elegyXx
there are no red haired Juliet
Seriously I've looked, I can't find one official red haired Juliet that was used in a movie. Maybe just to prove red heads are smart enough not to kill themselfs over a boy? Or because red heads are heartless? I'm a red head and I kinda find this offensive a bit that no one used a red head in a decent Romeo and Juliet. But what can I do? I'm just a short red haired girl. :/ no I don't have a new iPod I'm using my brothers phone
Buddypoke 3 by xXprincess-elegyXx
Buddypoke 3
Heheheh ^\\\\\\\^

☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Shadow : well...your stupid!
Lil BEN : coming from Link's shadow.

And I'm trying to stop the argument xD 

Or something like that xD 
I love both Lil BEN and shadow Link!!!!!!!!!!!</s>

Lil BEN is by :iconmissluckychan29:
Shadow is by Nintendo 
I am by me
Buddypoke is by buddypoke
And the art edit is by art studio anything else I need to credit xD 

I will not give either shadow's code or BEN's code out, that's my rule u-u sorry.
Buddy poke number 2 by xXprincess-elegyXx
Buddy poke number 2
IT IS CHLOE!!!!!!! Also fun to make, I had to edit her in my drawing app which is said below.

No I will not give out her code.

Chloe is Chloe aka :iconteamgumball:'s oc :3
Drawing app is call Art Studio price ranges from free to 5.99$ for app
Buddypoke is free and available ;)
My iPod is mine don't touch it.

Want your oc a buddypoke?!?!? Well I can do it! (Just no hats or other things you need to buy) if you have buddypoke and want the code to YOUR buddy I make I'll give it. But Chloe is the only one I'd give Chloe's code to.
Buddy poke by xXprincess-elegyXx
Buddy poke
Buddy poke Bridgette!!! Gosh she was fun to make :3

I only wish I could add hats, but I can't cus I don't have no moneys. :(. No I will not give her code out to anyone. 

Bridgette is by :iconmissluckychan29: (aka) Jen.
Buddypoke is by buddypoke
My iPod is by apple and owned by me. U-U


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picture was made by SexyBenplz
Puking Emotes by DroneguardChibi Slenderman Journal Doll by pIaguedThat little ANGELica by xMinteagiant pat by CookiemagiKI WILL CUT YOU by pikararFree Masky Doll :3 by redrumTerror

I will work for points :3

DA family ^_^

I guess he dont love me anymore



My ask account

Lil BEN is sexy BEN:) so he's my special someone again.

Adopt account

U Just Mad - Shadow Link by Ask-ShadowLink

Stamps I guess....:

Note Stamp by SoVeryUnofficialA stamp for me ^^ by SexyBenplz

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